TLC’s reality show Rattled follows couples through the ups and downs of their first year of parenthood and predictably, fans can’t get enough of the new series. One of the stories that has resonated most with viewers of the show is that of Krystal Harris and her ex Jarell. The couple had briefly dated and then split when they found out Krystal was pregnant — an event that caused Jarell to question his paternity over their newborn daughter, Boston.

Throughout Season 1, cameras document Krystal and Jarell’s most trying moments as they try to figure out how to co-parent with one another while maintaining a platonic relationship. “After a month of dating, Krystal broke it off when she realized they were better off as friends,” TLC’s website bio explains. “However, Jarell isn’t certain that he is the baby’s father, causing major tension between he and Krystal… Jarell can’t move forward with anything until he can see some concrete DNA results.”

“I think my life now with the baby, I couldn’t imagine my life without Boston,” Jarell says in one episode. “But I also realize that this is a sad moment. Because it’s all starting from a completely broken and hard place.”

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“Krystal and I were in a relationship for a month,” Jarell continues. “The timing of conception just doesn’t match up. So how do I know whether I am the father or not?”

With the question eating him alive, Jarell finally decided to move forward with his quest for concrete DNA results. In one episode, he secretly swabs Boston, then submits the DNA test without notifying Krystal.

“Today’s the day that I actually swabbed the baby,” he tells the camera as he holds it, vlogger style. “Krystal’s in the other room. She thinks I’m watching the baby. This is the moment that changes our lives forever.”

“It’s sad that my first experience as a father is with a person who’s not right for me and a baby who could potentially not be mine,” he says during his confessional interview.

Many fans know of the rocky journey Krystal and Jarell have shared together on the show but are still looking, like Jarell, for some concrete answers. With so much lead-up and anticipation, viewers need to know the answer: Is Jarell the father of baby Boston or not? Soon after his DNA test is submitted, Jarell gets the results he’s been looking for. After pulling up the results on his phone, Jarell tells his friend, on-screen, that he is in fact the father of Boston.

“I’m the dad, dude,” he confirms. Now with the confirmation of paternity, Jarell and Krystal have been focusing on co-parenting and working out custody arrangements.