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‘The Little Couple’ Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s Kids Are Cuter Than Ever These Days!

Finally! The Little Couple is back on our TV screens every week! After a year-long hiatus, the TLC series returned for Season 12, and we can’t get enough of Jen Arnold, Bill Klein and their adorable kids, Will, 7, and Zoey, 6.

Since the show began in 2009, fans watched as the family grew with Will’s adoption from China in March 2013 and Zoey’s adoption from India in October of that year. This season, the family-of-four is tackling everything from Hurricane Harvey to Halloween.

In their book, Think Big: Overcoming Obstacles With Optimism — which was released last year — the duo revealed that Jen actually got pregnant in between the adoptions after years of struggling with infertility (both have skeletal dysplasia).

“’I’m pregnant,’ [Jen said in] complete and utter disbelief,” Bill recalls in the book. “After going through two years of fertility treatments and surrogacy followed by miscarriages, this was unexpected, to say the least!” But at a later doctor’s appointment, they learned the pregnancy was nonviable.

Their daughter’s difficult transition didn’t make things any easier. Jen told People magazine in 2015, “[Zoey] blamed us for the change. She really wanted nothing to do with us.” But these days, the foursome is happier than ever! “Life has been this incredible and crazy and extraordinary road full of wonderful surprises,” Bill writes. “I will see Jen’s beautiful smile and Will’s never-ending joy and Zoey enthusiastically hopping and skipping along and just think, ‘When did I win the Powerball of life?’”

And it just keeps getting better and better for the Fab Four. “After everything we’ve been through, it’s a very exciting time,” he said of his kids. “They’re getting to an interesting age and finding their real passions. They’re really into artwork right now, their verbal skills continue to surprise me, and they’re doing so well in school. It’s fun to watch them grow.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see recent photos of Will and Zoey.