Brace yourselves because it’s now been revealed how Jax Taylor got the woman he loves the perfect engagement ring and it may have Vanderpump Rules fans teary-eyed. While Jax proposed to his fiancé Brittany Cartwright almost six months ago, it’s now coming to light of how everything went down.

In an exclusive clip obtained by E! News, Jax confessed that he bought Brittany’s engagement ring with the money his dad left him after he passed, almost a year ago. Before unveiling the ring to pals Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, he gave them a disclaimer.

“I’m just going to warn you, it’s going to be a little bigger than usual. You’re going to be like, ‘how the f–ck did you afford this?’ It’s way out of my price range,” he explained. “When my father passed away, he left some money for my sister and I, and I’m using my money for the ring. Every time I look at it I can think of my dad, and that’s just another memory for me, so.” How sentimental!

“My father passed away about six months ago and it was kind of a turning point for me. I told Brittany like ‘I think I’m going to go into a hole for a while. I’m going to drink myself silly’ and she was just like ‘can you please not do that?’ And she really helped me make a huge turnaround,” Jax said in a confessional. We’re glad Jax was able to turn something so difficult and tragic into something that simultaneously honors the love he has for his dad, as well as his future wife.

A few months back, Jax took to Instagram to show the world the beautiful rock. “She said yes!!! I can’t wait for y’all to see how this happened next season!!! I am marrying the woman of my dreams and I could not be happier!! 💍 make sure y’all tune in Season 7 to see how this unfolded,” he captioned the photo.

Catch the season seven premiere of Vanderpump Rules on Monday, Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.