Things are moving quickly! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were already married for years, so it makes sense that, now that they’re back together, they’re taking things fast! They’re moving so fast, as a matter of fact, that sources have told In Touch that they’re already discussing the idea of moving in together!

"[Jen] and Brad are ready for the next logical step in their relationship: Moving in together," a source told In Touch. "They’ve grown closer in recent months and realize they were meant to be together."

The former husband and wife first reconnected when Angelina Jolie announced her plans to divorce Brad. At the time, Jen — who was still married to Justin Theroux — reached out to her ex, and became a close confidante. As Brad committed to his sobriety, the two became even closer after Brad eventually apologized for the way he treated his ex-wife.

Since then, the two have only become tighter — and sharing a space has allowed them to bond as they find décor that complements one another. "He’s much more modern and arty when it comes to reno and interior design," the source says. "She and Brad are both basically down-to-Earth people who thrive on building and renovating. They were always working on ideas for homes together when they were married, and they’ve been talking about ideas for future houses and building projects."

According to the insider, the two have certainly enjoyed spending additional time together, though a rep for Jen denied that they are already living together. Even so, those close to the couple suspect that an announcement that they are cohabiting is coming in the very near future.

"[Jen] started hinting that it would be nice for them to try living together again," a source says. By the source’s prediction, it’s "only a matter of time" before they are officially under one roof.

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