Life & Style can exclusively report that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who were once smitten with each other, have been leading separate lives since November. “They’ve been living apart for the better part of two months,” an insider shares, blaming it on a difference in career goals. “He wants to take any good role he’s handed, no matter where it’s being filmed.”

But Jen has reached a point in her career where she wants to spend less time on movie sets, even if it’s in New York. She recently signed on to star in an Apple TV series with Reese Witherspoon that will shoot in LA, and she wants to focus on “producing and directing,” a friend says.

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Sources explain that two years after their wedding, the marriage is crumbling. Although they put up a good facade, it’s all a lie. But following her messy, high-profile divorce from Brad Pitt, 53, in 2005, Jen is reluctant to let go just yet. “The arguments about taking jobs and where they should live is where all the tension comes from,” says the insider. “They’ve tried to come up with an arrangement that suits them both, but it’s tearing them apart.”

The east vs. west coast issue is one of the many things that have divided the couple, who met on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2007 and became romantically involved after co-starring in 2012’s Wanderlust. “Their closest friends worry that their marriage is in serious trouble,” the source concludes.