For months, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been flaunting their seemingly picture-perfect relationship. But one of her exes is tired of the charade. The singer’s former on-and-off boyfriend of five years, Casper Smart, isn’t exactly happy that the mother-of-two has successfully moved on — and he could do some serious damage if he wanted to.

“Everyone has heard rumors about J.Lo being a diva,” an insider shares, “but no one knows the truth better than Casper, who was privy to all her bizarre antics. If he ever wrote a tell-all book, he could really get revenge. He could reveal all her outrageous demands.”

For example, the 48-year-old insists “the rooms she stays in must be decorated in all white, and her trailer must be the largest on sets,” the insider reveals. “And she washes her face with Evian water, which her housekeeper warms up for her!”

On top of that, Jen — whose net worth is an estimated $380 million — is a wild spender. “Diamonds are J.Lo’s best friend,” the insider says. “She has $3.2 million diamond collars on her two dogs and a multimillion-dollar iPhone case!” She also enjoys $2,400 bottles of Dom Pérignon and uses $1,000-a-bottle Clive Christian No. 1 perfume.

If Casper, 30, wanted to, “he could really peel back the facade,” the insider adds. “A side of J.Lo that no one has ever seen before would be exposed.”

It all demands on whether the former backup dancer wants to rock the boat. Last year, right around the time J.Lo started seeing Drake, Life & Style reported that Casper had tried to win the Shades of Blue star back by sending her two dozen pink roses — which she ended up paying for! “So he called up Jennifer’s favorite florist and placed a custom order for $525,” a source explained at the time. “Several hours later, J.Lo’s manager called Casper and yelled at him because he had charged the flowers to J.Lo’s personal account.”

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