11 Classically Elegant ‘Jersey Shore’ Fashion Moments to Bring to the Beach House

We've felt absolutely lost since Jersey Shore left our TV screens back in 2012, leaving us without their signature fashion flair. While yes, the stars of the show have stayed ever-so-slightly in the spotlight over the past few years, they've undergone make-unders and have (somewhat) abandoned the spray-tanned style that made them immortal fashion icons.

These days, you're probably uncertain of how to dress when you go to the Jersey shore (or Miami, or Italy that one season, wherever you dare to vacay). But don't worry, we looked back at the golden (ok, orange) days of filming and found some elegant and classic Jersey Shore looks that will stand the test of time.

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From the sophistication of Snooki's sky-high pouf to the fuzzy Uggs that are a formalwear must, you'll have no shortage of summer outfit inspo that'll guide you (and your gorilla juicehead bf, obviously) through a season of rooftop tears and drunken club hook-ups. We're going back to the Jersey Shore, b—h.

Check out the photos to see some of the chicest outfits from Jersey Shore that need to end up in your summer wardrobe.