Well, we all know that Jessica Simpson pretty much perfected her “dumb blonde” persona back in the early 2000s, but during her latest TV stint, she took things to another level. Her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show had fans wondering: was Jessica drunk during the interview??

The cringe-worthy five-minute clip is packed full of an incredible amount of awkwardness, and though Ellen tries to control her guest, the blonde beauty just kept going.

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By the time 30 seconds passed, the mother-of-two had addressed pregnancy rumors in the most bizarre way.

“I’m not pregnant,” she told Ellen between laughs. “We got an IUD. Nothing’s gonna get in that uterus.” The host responded, “I’m not touching that.”

Next came a weird interaction between the two involving a discussion of Jess’ daughter Maxwell’s mermaid-themed birthday party. After a long and strangely complex talk about the mermaids’ tails, Jess was stumped when Ellen asked how long she and husband Eric Johnson have been together — but she finally settled on seven years.

“That’s a long time. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a seven-year relationship, other than with a woman,” the 36-year-old said, to which Ellen responded with a look of confusion directed at the camera.

jessica simpson ellen

And if you weren’t confused enough yet, Jessica talking about how she and her hubby bond probably did the trick.

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“He kinda likes TV shows but then he snores through ‘em. So I kinda like that,” she said. “He golfs. I don’t. Um…we love our kids. And we really like to…I like to get a back massage.”

Needless to say, the Twitter-verse was equally as confused as we were by the fashionista’s interview.


At this point, after the former Newlyweds star’s multiple questionable TV appearances, we shouldn’t be surprised. But somehow, we’re still caught off guard by just how out of it the singer always seems!

Watch the full interview below: