Leave it up to Miley Cyrus to pull one of the most epic pranks on Jimmy Kimmel as he slept soundly in the comfort of his own bed. The only problem is that things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Watch the video above to see what went down!

The 25-year-old coordinated with Jimmy’s wife, Molly McNearney, to bring over a full-on construction crew to their home along with a person dressed as a wrecking ball. Miley, of course, had a sledgehammer in hand. Ready to spoof her now infamous “Wrecking Ball” music video, Miley barged into Jimmy’s room unannounced.

miley cyrus jimmy kimmel

“I’m coming in like a wrecking ball just for you, Jimmy,” she said. “Wakey, wakey! Guess who it is, Jimmy. Good morning!” The singer sang a bit of the hit song as pieces of fake rubble fell on top of a sleeping Jimmy. When he finally started to stir, Miley jokingly hit him with the sledgehammer and ended up accidentally wacking the talk show host right where it hurts!

Jimmy could only mutter the question, “How many times is this gonna happen?” as this isn’t the first occasion a famous face pranked him in the middle of the night. Miley joins the likes of Britney Spears and Rihanna — but no one else has hit him in the sensitive spot. (What a wake up call THAT must have been.)

“You hit me right in the b-lls,” Jimmy told Miley. Her response? “It is called ‘Wrecking Balls.'” Miley felt bad about the mishap and the pair eventually called a truce, hugging it out after Jimmy came downstairs following the bedroom performance. The best part about it all? He was wearing the mouthguard that he obviously routinely sleeps with, proving once and for all that he’s a real human, too.

One thing is for sure: Jimmy better watch his back even at home! His wife seems to have some pretty important numbers in her phone that are ready to haunt his dreams.