After the birth of his son this summer, Impractical Jokers star Joe Gatto has a couple of mini-jokers running around! He and wife Bessy welcomed Remington this July, two years after the birth of daughter Milana. “Milana made me love being a dad so imagine it’ll now be twice as fun," he told In Touch at the time.

Months later, from what Joe tells Life & Style exclusively, it seems like being a father-of-two has indeed been twice as fun… and luckily, Milana is cool with the new addition. “She likes him,” the proud pops says. “She finally got used to the fact that he’d be sticking around. She kisses him goodnight and good morning.”

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And so the friendship begins… #bigsis #littlebro

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So, what’s life like with two kids in tow? “It’s definitely different,” Joe reveals. “You have a schedule and everything when you get the first one down and everything works, then here comes the second one. It’s definitely fun.”

The 41-year-old adds, “The best part is seeing the little girl become a big sister. She’s very happy, so that’s really great.”

From the sound of it, Joe and Bessy won’t press their luck by introducing a third child into the mix. “I think we’re okay with two,” he says. “We got one boy and one girl, a complete set. Four can fit in a booth, so that’s nice. We're not looking to have another one, and we're not not looking at this point.”

Roger that, buddy! Now, we’re just waiting for the inevitable father-kid practical jokes… and we’re sure there will be many!

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