Joe Wexler from the hit TLC series My 600-lb Life has really come a long way since weighing in at nearly 800 pounds when he first appeared on the show.

In his early 30’s, Joe found himself morbidly obese after going through a traumatic childhood during which his father left.

“Growing up, I could’ve never imagined ending up like this,” he said on his episode. “I’ve always had problems with my weight, ever since I was little. Bad habits got picked up early, I pretty much had free reign to do whatever I wanted and that included whatever I wanted to eat.”

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Joe’s mother Robin blames her son’s drastic weight gain on his strained relationship his father.

“Joey started gaining weight really early. His daddy decided it was easier to get him to eat fast food instead of other things,” she said on the show. “Joey wanted to be close to his dad, and instead of his dad being there, he would buy him things like video games and movies.”

After feeling neglected and alone, Joe turned to food to help him cope.

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“I would’ve given up every single one of those things that I had if he had paid me any attention,” he said. “I felt like life was punishing me for some sin that I didn’t even commit.”

Since his episode aired, however, Joe’s life has changed tremendously. After shedding over 400 pounds, the now 33-year-old has a new lease on life and is keeping his Facebook page updated with pictures and inspirational statuses.

Besides his health, Joe’s personal life has also improved. The TLC star is looking forward to becoming a stepfather after proposing to girlfriend Sarah a little while back.

Joe credits his love life success to the weight loss surgery he received from Dr. Younan Nowzardan. The doctor became such a huge part of Joe’s life that he even received an invitation to his wedding.

“I want to thank you for giving me the life I love now,” he told Dr. Nowzardan following his transformation.

Keep up the amazing work, Joe!

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