Zsalynn Whitworth thought her life would greatly improve after undergoing gastric-bypass surgery, but the mother-of-one reveals she’s still struggling with deep-seated issues.

In a follow-up to her My 600-lb Life episode, airing tonight on TLC, Zsalynn explains what’s happened since she shed 300 pounds off her more than 600-pound frame. The biggest change is her divorce from husband Gareth, forcing her to share custody of their daughter Hannah.

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“Being alone a lot has been a bit of an adjustment for me, so I’ve struggled with being depressed when I don’t see Hannah for a while,” she admits. “And being alone has made it even harder for me to deal with my cravings.”

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TLC, Facebook

Given that food was her “coping mechanism,” Zsalynn says it’s been difficult to resist her old urges. “I know I should be loving life and loving everything that I’ve done to change myself, but I’m still insecure,” she shares.

Something that should help bring back her confidence: getting rid of the excess skin left over from her weight loss.

Keep up the good work, girl!