Back in the ’90s, Joey Lawrence was the heartthrob every teenage girl dreamed about thanks to the hit show Blossom. After it ended in 1995, he and his brothers, Matthew and Andrew, starred in Brotherly Love together alongside their famous bro, but after it ended in 1997, it seemed you didn’t hear about them as much. But surprisingly, the brothers have been consistently active over the years, and they’re all grown up now! Check out the video below to see what Joey and his brothers are up to today.

Although it’s been over 20 years since Joey rocked his trademark ripped jeans and flannel shirt, the recent trend of ’90s fashion has brought a lot of Joey’s trademark quirks back into the limelight. Recently, Kanye West was spotted rocking a look that would have made Blossom‘s Joey Russo proud. “I began this journey so young that, 32 years later, I’m not really that old. But for it to come back around and people like Kanye are rocking the flannel shirt around the waist with the ripped jeans, it’s pretty cool,” he told HuffPost in 2013. “He can get away with it. If I did it, it would be ridiculous. But I think that it’s kind of flattering that I did something 15 years ago that a very popular urban artist is rocking. He looked good. I saw the pic, and it certainly worked. It was totally Joey Russo.”

He also has successfully maneuvered that tricky transformation of child star to adult actor without any of the drugs or alcohol that happens to other child stars. “I’ve always been an athlete and that, I think, got me out of a lot of trouble,” he said in the same interview. “I always wanted to be lucid and in top shape to play the sports that I love.”