Social distancing is sure making JoJo creative! The 29-year-old took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, March 18, to rewrite the lyrics of her hit song “Leave (Get Out)” and change them so they relate to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I never thought Corona could be such a nasty bitch/ Now that she’s here boy all I want is for you to use common sense/ Stay in/ Right now/ Do it for humanity,” she sang. If you remember correctly, the actual lyrics to the song are, “I never thought that anyone could make me feel this way/ Now that you’re here boy all I want is just a chance to say/ Get out (leave)/Right now/ It’s the end of you and me.” TBH, both versions are equally good!

After JoJo’s coronavirus-inspired rendition, her mom, Diana Levesque, chimed in and said she would throw tomatoes at her daughter. Luckily, the pop star was not phased by her mother’s reaction. “My mom is my harshest critic,” she captioned the clip while laughing and calling her a “hater.” LOL.


The blonde beauty is currently taking this time to stay as busy as possible. She recently shared on Instagram what she’s doing to keep herself distract amid the coronavirus pandemic. “So far I’ve taken a piano lesson online, worked out — thank God for @dailyburn — listened to a few podcasts (loving all of @npr’s informative and creative content), live-streamed with you guys, made a li’l TikTok video, did laundry, chatted with a couple friends. Dis s–t [is] wild. But we gon be ALRIGHT *Kendrick [Lamar] voice,*” she wrote on Insta.

While JoJo may be spending lots of time at home, it’s not like she also isn’t using this time to make some big career moves. The “Baby It’s You” artist released her first single, “Man,” off her upcoming album, Good to Know and couldn’t be more excited about it.

“WHAAAAAAAT?! YES!!!!! Go ahead and stream dat s–t from wherever you are currently self-quarantined,” she wrote on Instagram on Friday, March 13. “It’s guaranteed to make you feel like the fly, resilient, strong immune system-having individual you are. MAY 1st — the album drops.” You go, girl!