Get it, girl! JoJo took to Instagram on Tuesday, January 28, to show off her toned tummy, and if she isn’t fitspo goals, we’re not sure who is.

“Back on my bulls–t,” she captioned the mirror selfies. Fans couldn’t help but comment on the pop star’s look and recent success these days. “Girl, your body,” wrote one person. “OK, Grammy winner!” commented another. “Hi Grammy award-winning queen. ILYSM,” wrote a third fan.

It’s been an eventful few days for the “Too Little, Too Late” singer, 29, who won a Grammy for Best R&B Song for “Say So” on Sunday, January 26. This was both her first Grammy nod and win, so we understand why the blonde beauty is feeling herself more than ever. “SAY SO = R&B SONG OF THE YEAR,” she wrote on Instagram that same night. “My first time at the Grammys was obviously awesome. Congrats to @pjmorton for being a legend, writing this song and asking me to get on it!!!!!! Life is CRAZY. ”

JoJo Showing Off Abs
Courtesy of JoJo/Instagram

She also wrote an inspiring message on Twitter encouraging her fans to believe in themselves. “Never ever f–king give up on your dreams, hoe! Period!” she tweeted on January 27.

Though it’s only January, JoJo’s bound to have an amazing rest of the year and her attitude suggests so. When she took to Instagram to share a clip from her music video of the song “Sabotage” on December 4, she revealed a few of her goals. It’s safe to say the sky is the limit for JoJo.

“I want to leave negative thoughts and saboteur ways in my wake,” she captioned the post. “It’s fear-based, preemptive s–t. And, quite frankly, I’m tired of it. But, if you, too, find yourself running away from or pushing away people you love: it’s OK! You’re not a monster! Nothing is the end of the world until it’s literally the end of the world! If you’re depressed or anxious or ashamed: everything will be OK. Forgive yourself. Life is hard and weird and wild. We all deal differently. You’re doing the best you can right now within your circumstances. But I promise you have more power than you think you do. Hone in. Get real about learning and loving yourself. Listen to your internal guidance. Protect your peace once you find it. We’re all gonna have some bumps along the road. Love you. — Jo.”

Keep slayin’!