Haters gonna hate — just ask Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Jordyn Woods. The 20-year-old model shared a sexy selfie to Instagram only to be flooded with negative comments about her supposedly Photoshopped curves.

However, Jordyn did not stay silent and assured her fans she did not alter her post. “Haters will say it’s Photoshop,” she wrote on an Instagram story, before adding, “It’s all in the angles.” Her original post was captioned, “Sorry if my curves offend you.”

jordyn woods instagram

While Jordyn was focused on defending her curves, her followers were focused on her face, with many claiming she definitely used a filter (or Kylie’s surgeon). “The curves don’t, the FaceTune does…” one fan commented before another added, “Boo you and @kyliejenner both see the same damn surgeon to get those curves perfected. So relax.”

She does have one famous fan in her corner — Demi Lovato! The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer applauded Jordyn for embracing her fuller figure. “Don’t be sorry girl, they KILL,” Demi wrote. This is also not the first time the brunette beauty has been accused of editing her social media posts.

Earlier this year, she was accused of Photoshopping her booty! “I love you Jordyn but I can tell you’re wearing fake butt pads or something,” one commenter wrote in disbelief before another fan added, “It is fake u can see a glare by her a–.”

But we have a feeling the haters are not going to stop her from posting to social media anytime soon. “The cool thing about social media is that its kind of like a journal, so they can see your progress over the years,” she said in an interview. “With me I kind of just post what I’m doing in the moment. I never really think too long before I post it, I feel like people can see my lifestyle through my Instagram but nothing too personal.”