It’s official, one of your Bachelor Nation faves is back on your TV screen! Yep, Jubilee Sharpe, 27, has officially made her comeback for her second round of Bachelor in Paradise, and we’re hoping that her luck is a little better this time around. Last time, she was only there for a few days (if that) before she got the boot, so we’re crossing her fingers that something works out in her favor. But just in case you need a refresher on what her deal is, we’ve got all the deets about this gorgeous gal. Check it out. 

Jubilee was on Ben’s season of The Bachelor

It seems like it was forever ago that Ben Higgins was the one handing out roses, but we first met Jubilee when she was 24 years old on his season when she fired a gun and said, “You don’t want to mess with me,” in her intro package. The rest of her time on the season was just as colorful, but she also struggled with learning how to open up to her would-be boyfriend. She even landed a one-on-one date (to a spa, which is pretty much the dream) in episode three, though she was clearly freaking out and in her head while talking to the girls beforehand. It didn’t help that the date included a helicopter ride — and Jubilee is deathly afraid of heights, even joking, “Does anybody else wanna go on my date?” 

Eventually, she was able to regain her composure, settle down, and open up to Ben. She even got a rose after they had the chance to get to know each other better. But the tension with the rest of the girls in the house proved stressful, and the process wasn’t easy for her. Just two episodes later, Ben realized he couldn’t see a future with Jubilee, especially in light of some of his other relationships in the house, and he sent her home without even finishing the group date. 

She was adopted and moved from Haiti to Florida when she was young. 

Though she told Ben about her past, she didn’t get to fully open up until after the season was over. She shared her heartbreaking story with People, explaining, “My three brothers and my parents died, but I don’t know the details. I was 6, but I don’t remember my parents. My 4-year-old little sister and I went to live with my grandmother but she had leprosy and was dying and too sick to take care of us.” 

Her grandmother moved them into an orphanage to care for them, and Jubilee met her adoptive father when he came to Haiti to do relief work. “He showed up to the orphanage and [wanted to adopt me]. He tried to adopt my sister, but after they went through the medical process, they found out she had an incurable disease and wasn’t able to be adopted.” Tragically, Jubilee and her little sister were separated and she was raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, though she loves the family she has who have helped make her the strong woman she is now. 

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She’s a veteran and a model. 

Jubilee revealed in her cast bio that she first joined the military at the age of 18 and considered it her greatest achivement. That and “making it through 4.5 years of active duty” while moving up through the ranks. While doing her service, she also worked programming radios and computers. She went back to work after her season aired, though she also worked as a model and started studying to become a cardiovascular sonographer before rejoining the military as a Sargeant. She finished up her service in April 2017. 

She has a ton of tattoos. 

In her beach wear, it’s easy to spot some, but others take more of an eagle-eye to notice. There are of course the most visible ones like the ink on her thigh and collabone, but there are a ton you can’t easily see, like the three more across her hips and ribs. She’s got at least one more on her wrist, too, and though she had at least eight by the time she was 20, it seems like the number has grown. The one that gets talked about the most is the words, “the past is practice,” across her collarbone. 

She was briefly involved in all that Jared and Ashley I. drama.

When she first showed up for Season 3 of Paradise, she had her eye on Jared Haibon from Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s season. When she landed a date card, she immediately asked him out, and it seemed like the two had a good time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite as interested as she was, and when it came time for the first rose ceremony, he gave his rose to one of the twins instead. Honestly, we think it was probably for the best. While she didn’t get to shoot her shot with any of the other guys while laying out on the beaches in Mexico, it also meant that she was gone before Ashley Iaconetti arrived two episodes later. And we all saw how she reacted when she walked into the Playa Escondido resort only to discover that Jared, her then-sort-of-ex and now-fiancé, was currently seeing Caila Quinn

Jubilee’s looking to make new connections on Bachelor in Paradise.

Now that she’s back, she’s ready to make her move again and go after what she wants— even when that means asking Venmo John, aka John Graham, out on a date literally while he’s cuddling with Caroline Lunny. Sorry, was she suppoed to let a couple that’s been a couple for all of 30 minutes get in her way? “If somebody looks like a definite couple, that’s not gonna stop me if I vibe with somebody,” she said in her intro. When she was first describing her ideal man on The Bachelor, she said she was looking for someone “reserved, intellectual, funny, laid back, easy going” and “able to adapt easily,” all of which describes John to a T, and she reiterated that once again. “I’m really into smart, nerdy guys,” she said.

The two seemed to make a connection on their date while going zip-lining (looks like Jubilee conquered that fear of heights!) and having dinner. They also realized just what a catch each of them are. “John, what are you doing here?” she joked when he found out that not only is he one of the few other former contestants who has like a legit, impressive job (no shade to all the real estate agents and chicken enthusiasts), he was also the driving force behind of the apps she has on her phone. Seems like they definitely have a lot in common — but we’ll have to wait to see where it goes.

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She always keeps it real. 

Even talking about her past experiences with the show, she was a real straight shooter — and you know we mean that literally, too, considering her army past. “I had a really rough time,” she told John about being on Ben’s season. “I think it was because I was just, like, very different from all the other girls.” Luckily, she seems to have no trouble fitting in this time around — though tension is brewing with Caroline. “There’s no love without war,” Jubilee told the camera, and we couldn’t say it better ourselves.