Under the knife? Modern Family star Julie Bowen is sparking plastic surgery rumors thanks to a drastic change in her facial features over the years — and multiple experts revealed to Life & Style exclusively how she could have obtained her changing looks.

“This surely is a case of Botox gone bad, unless she has recently been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Her droopy smile is most likely due to incorrect placement of Botox outside the masseter muscle,” said Jennifer Leebow of the LABB. “This technique is used commonly in facial and jaw contouring like we see with the amazing transformations of the Kardashian crew and other celebrities in Hollywood. It can be extremely successful in slimming and softening the jawline while creating a more contoured appearance overall. Results are usually seen in a few months after the procedure, and treatment is ongoing to maintain best results.”

julie bowen 2012-2017 getty images

Julie from 2012 (left) vs. Julie from 2917 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Dr. Gary Goldenberg agreed with the Botox possibility, adding, “Her lips are a bit more full in the current photo, which may be accomplished with lip fillers augmentation. Her cheeks are also a bit more prominent in the current photo, so I would not be surprised if she’s had some contouring with fillers. Lastly, her skin is flawless, which can be accomplished with laser resurfacing or micro needling with PRP or stem cells.”

Julie plays homemaker Claire Dunphy on the beloved ABC series, who is married to Phil Dunphy [played by Ty Burrell] and mother to three children, Haley [Sarah Hyland], Luke [Nolan Gould], and Alex [Ariel Winter]. However, the blonde beauty revealed in a previous interview that she almost didn’t take on the role.

“I wanted to, but I was so pregnant with the twins during the audition that process and then would just bring me in and stare at my stomach — I think that they maybe legally couldn’t say like, ‘What’s that about?’ And I think they thought I was so large that I was going to give birth at any minute and then I could do the show after, but instead they were just playing it very like, ‘Mhmmm,’” she said via People. “I’d go home and cry and think I’m never going to get this — the greatest job in the world — so I took myself out of first place for it, because there was another job that was auditioning where the lady was pregnant.”

Modern Family airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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