After two years of marriage and seven years as a couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux called it quits in February 2018. Fans are still mourning the news, but it sounds like the 46-year-old actor is doing just fine — and has other things on his mind. According to Radar Online, Justin Theroux has been sending “flirty texts” to Selena Gomez — yes, that Selena Gomez — just months after his split from Jen.

“It was kind of an open secret that Justin was sweet on Selena when he and Jen hung out with her,” a source told the outlet. “To be fair, they did get on well, but he’s asking for major trouble by trying to hang out with her so soon after his and Jen’s split.”

Hmm, does Selena have a thing for Justins? The 25-year-old “Wolves” singer is currently on a break from her on-again, off-again ex, Justin Bieber (Justin and Selena’s timeline is insane), so she must be exploring other options. The source said Selena is “not the type to blow someone off who she genuinely likes,” so she’s been fairly responsive to Justin Theroux’s messages.

This news shouldn’t be too surprising for fans. Back in March, sources exclusively told Life & Style Jen had a hard time trusting her husband. “Justin is a classic ladies’ man and flirt, and it always drove Jen up the wall,” the source explained. “One of the worst moments for Jen was when she started seeing Justin flirt with her friends. Women are very drawn to Justin. All her celeb friends were charmed by him at one point or another.”

jennifer aniston and justin theroux

According to the source, Selena actually caught Justin Theroux’s eye during a Golden Globes after-party a couple of years ago. “[He told] her she looked great,” the source said. “Justin has an intense way of looking at you that makes you feel special and a little weak in the knees. It was awkward for everyone, except Justin, and really hurt Jen.”

Justin might make you feel “weak in the knees” with just one look, but how’s his texting? Selena, girl, let us know!