Justin, it is MUCH too late to say sorry…

Ever since video surfaced of Justin Bieber not knowing the words to the song “Despacito," which he's featured on, fans quickly got angry — and haven't been able to let it go.

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But instead of making amends and just learning the words to the Latin pop tune, originally performed by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, Justin's made it clear that he still hasn't done his homework…like ABUNDANTLY clear.

~eye roll~

While performing at the Summerburst Festival in Stockholm, fans cheered for the hit song, but he declined to sing it. Needless to say, attendees weren’t happy, and one Belieber got so heated, they threw a water bottle directly at the Grammy winner's face!

Watch the ordeal in the video below:

"I can't do 'Despacito,'" he told the crowd. "I don't even know it."

This isn’t the first time the 23-year-old has upset his loyal fans. Just last year, the “Baby” singer announced that he would no longer take pictures.

“If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I’m not gonna take a picture. I’m done taking pictures,” he wrote in a post on Instagram. "It has gotten to the point that people won't even say hi to me or recognize me as a human, I feel like a zoo animal and I wanna be able to keep my sanity. I realize people will be disappointed but I don't owe anybody a picture."

Alright, JBiebs, you don’t have to take a picture with us if you don't want to, but you should probably just learn the song at this point…