Guys, don’t worry! Justin Bieber responded to fans freaking out about Shawn Mendes liking a photo of Hailey Baldwin that the “Sorry” singer posted. It turns out, there is no saltiness between the celebs.

Justin Bieber reacts to Shawn Mendes liking Hailey Baldwin photo on instagram

“Their [SIC] friends relax,” Justin, 25, commented on a fan account of Hailey’s that pointed out the suspicious thumbs up that Shawn gave. Obviously, Hailey, 22, is allowed to be pals with anyone she wants, but her friendliness with the 20-year-old was surprising to followers since the two had a brief flirtation and attended the Met Gala together before she got back together with her now-husband.

Shawn Mendes Hailey Baldwin Met Gala
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Sources revealed to Life & Style back in July that Justin was part of the reason that the model deleted all photos of Shawn off her Instagram feed. “Justin wants to take his relationship with Hailey to the next level, but he can’t do that until he feels confident she isn’t pining for someone else,” the insider explained. They continued by adding that the blonde beauty was happy to oblige. “Erasing every trace of Shawn on her social media was a way for Hailey to prove her loyalty … And she had no problem pressing delete.”

Well, it seems like that’s all water under the bridge now. Shawn even admitted that there are no hard feelings. “I get it, you know,” the heartthrob told Elle in November about Hailey’s decision to rekindle things with the Biebs. “I texted Hailey, ‘Congratulations,’ [when they got engaged] and I really am happy for them. She’s still one of the fucking coolest people ever—she’s not just a beautiful person visually, but she’s one of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever met.”

Lesson learned: Sometimes a like is just a like.

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