It looks like Kanye West’s health struggles have been really putting a strain on his life — and his wallet. Life & Style can exclusively reveal that his constant sickness is costing the famous fam tons of money.

A source close to the rapper explains that one of the reasons Kim Kardashian‘s husband is in debt is because he’s footing bills for the multiple doctors he has on-call. He has a “team of doctors he uses whenever he’s not feeling well, which is often,” says the source.

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Doctor visits are nothing new for Mr. Kardashian. Late last year, the father-of-two was hospitalized for a mental breakdown and, as Life & Style previously revealed, his state of mind was incredibly fragile.

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“When he first went to the psych ward, he was hearing voices,” an insider said at the time. “He started telling people he’s a ‘starseed,’ an alien on a mission to help the Earth.”

Another source previously said that the rapper feared that people were out to get him. “Kanye said people are after him and are out to kill him and sabotage his career,” the insider shared. “He actually said he thinks the Kardashians are out to ruin him and that they are in on the conspiracy.”

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And it’s not just his mental health that is causing concerns. According to In Touch, the “Gold Digger” rapper has been packing on pounds in his time out of the spotlight.

A source told the mag that Kanye “has gained about 25 pounds over the last few months,” adding that the 5-foot-8 star, who has been laying low since his November breakdown, now weighs around 200 pounds. And though the family has tried to help the 40-year-old stop the binge eating the insider says that “there’s nothing anyone can tell him to make him stop — including Kim.”