According to a new report, Kanye West is attempting to turn his disastrous 2016 into a new hit album!

A source reveals that the rapper is letting his struggles inspire him when it comes to his music, including wife Kim Kardashian’s traumatizing robbery and his fallout with former BFFs Jay Z and Beyoncé. “Kanye is writing rhymes about Kim’s Parisian robbers, his meltdown on tour, recent hospitalization, his beef with Jay and Bey, and everything else he has been through in the last few months,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

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“The guy is a workaholic and has been using all of his painful experiences as inspiration to write new raps and lay down new music,” the insider continues. “He is feeling better and hard at work now working on new tracks.”

kanye west getty images

Kanye during one of his last performances in October.

That’s good to hear considering the 39-year-old has also been dealing with rumors that his marriage is crumbling as a result of his erratic behavior late last year. “Kim has tried to protect Kanye from himself for years, but she can no longer do it,” a source previously told Life & Style.

The “Heartless” hitmaker’s hospitalization also raised concerns about his mental health, given a few of his conversations during treatment. “[He said] people are after him and are out to kill him and sabotage his career,” an insider shared shortly after the father-of-two returned home. “He actually said he thinks the Kardashians are out to ruin him and that they are in on the conspiracy.”

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As for his decision to feature raps about Jay Z and Beyoncé on his next album, it’s bound to generate the right amount of buzz. As fans know, Kanye’s feud with Taylor Swift over his song “Famous,” in which her name is featured, only helped drive publicity for The Life of Pablo and the concert tour that followed.