The Kardashians may be social media royalty — but even they need an Instagram cleanse! The stars of KUWTK have photos that should have been deleted a long time ago, and despite fans calling out the famous family, they remain on their very popular pages.

Let’s do back to 2014, when Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna almost broke the Internet with a post-workout selfie that showed off their ~assets~. However, it wasn’t long before followers noticed the warped door in the background that usually indicates a photo has been digitally manipulated.

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Fast forward three years, the image is still on Kim’s page while her friendship with Blac Chyna is no longer. “Look how bad the door is in the back lmao,” one fan wrote at the time, before another added, “Wow Photoshop fail.”

However, Kim is not alone. From Kylie Jenner and her newfound “curves” to Kris Jenner‘s very obvious Photoshop mishap with Chef Gordon Ramsay, the entire family is guilty of editing their social media posts and not deleting the evidence.

Even Khloé Kardashian didn’t delete the post that revealed she is not solely responsible for managing her Instagram account — dashing fans’ dreams with one minor caption oversight. Sigh. How do we sign up to be their social media managers?

For more photos we can’t believe the Kardashians haven’t deleted yet, check out the gallery below!