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From Six Flags to Islands, the Kardashians Will Rent Anything for a Birthday Party

The Kardashians have come a long way from hosting cheesy birthday parties at Tao. Now that they're one of the richest families in the world, with Kylie Jenner on track to being the family's first billionaire, they go all out when it comes to celebrating turning one year older. But aside from their celebrity-filled dinners at exclusive clubs or expensive dinners with clever themes (who can forget Kris Jenner's Great Gatsby party?), the Kardashians love renting. And we're not just talking about an event space or a large party venue, we're talking about renting out an entire Six Flags. And if that sounds insane, the famous flock has spent millions on birthdays that were even more ridiculous. Below, the most extravagant places the Kardashians rented for their birthdays, from least expensive to most.