Bill Hudson, actress Kate Hudson’s estranged father has been dishing the dirt on his daughter.

In a new interview, he claims that she cheats just like her famous mother, Goldie Hawn!

Bill decided to grab some limelight after Kate, 35, ended her four-year relationship with musician Matt Bellamy last week, and then was seen kissing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ pro Derek Hough in a restaurant.

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Funnily enough, Bill walked out on Goldie, Kate and her brother Oliver when Kate was only 18-months-old. Kate has publicly stated that Bill “doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall” and she considers Kurt Russell, Goldie’s long-term partner, her dad.

That didn’t stop Bill from telling the world that Kate has a “Wandering eye, just like her mother.” He went on to say, “Kate grew up in an environment where her mother was this exotic, glamorous creature. It makes sense that she equates love with excitement.”

kate hudson father goldie hawn

Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn in 1976.

The mother-of-two hasn’t spoken to him since 2007, and even before that the two had a very rocky relationship. Of course, during this interview with ‘The Daily Mail,’ Bill states, “I wish I could have my time over again. I would fight Goldie for more access. I would put my children ahead of my own career; my own selfish needs.”

Interesting isn’t it, that a man who hasn’t had a good relationship with his daughter in years and hasn’t spoken to her in more than seven years is an authority on what makes her tick!

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