Watch out Kim Kardashian, because Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are moving in on your emoji territory! According to Grazia, the tech company DRKHORS recently filed applications to trademark KateMojis and MeghanMojis.

So what can fans expect from the emoji line? So far, the DRKHORS website has a digital prototype of Kate drinking red wine — with a fabulous blowout, of course — and a digitized version of Meghan sporting a short pale blue suit. There are also catchy phrases in the works including, “Cheeky Bugger,” “American Princess,” and an nod to Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton‘s backside, with “Does My Bum Look Good in This?”

meghan markle kate middleton emojis

TMZ reported that the inspiration behind the KateMojis came from life as a royal and her role as Duchess of Cambridge, while the MeghanMojis were created with her steamy romance with Prince Harry in mind. The couple started dating in July 2016, announced their engagement in November 2017, and are set to get married in May of this year, which is when the emojis are reportedly expected to launch.


A source told TMZ that fans of the family will be able to purchase the emoji packages — the KateMoji and MeghanMojis come separately — for $1.99 each. DRKHORS also revealed on their website that they will be taking customized requests for the emojis by e-mailing them directly.

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