Pregnant Kate Middleton, who’s due in April, is still dealing with some of her harsh side effects while expecting, but they aren’t all bad! As a matter of fact, being pregnant has given Prince William’s wife an excuse to indulge a little bit while she’s usually focused on maintaining her perfect figure.

Kate “has been craving chocolate,” a royal insider tells Life & Style exclusively. “She doesn’t usually have a sweet tooth, but since becoming pregnant she loves to eat Cadbury chocolate and Kit Kats.” Are we the only ones that think this makes Kate so much more relatable?

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Unfortunately, the duchess is still suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or severe morning sickness, and comments William made in September suggest the condition has gotten worse with each pregnancy. “She’s sometimes bedridden for days,” cried the source. Thankfully chocolate is chock full of tryptophan, a chemical that makes your brain release the mood-booster serotonin, so hopefully Kate’s cravings are actually helping her stay in good spirits despite her condition.

Luckily, Kate was feeling well enough to visit the Lawn Tennis Association at National Tennis Centre on Oct. 31, where she played tennis with some adorable kids. The duchess looked comfy in a black and white sweatsuit and pristine white sneakers. It’s not every day a princess gets to dress down like that!

She was all smiles for the special event, and genuinely seemed to enjoy spending time with the children. Which makes sense, because she’s about to have quite a brood of her own! Life & Style has learned that the royals are actually expecting twins, which along with Princess Charlotte and Prince George will effectively double the size of their family. Better stick to those tracksuits, Kate!