It hasn’t even been a month since Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child, a son named Prince Louis — but we’re already wondering if the duo has plans for a fourth baby!

“They are absolutely thrilled with having three [children],” a royal source told Us Weekly. “They are soaking up every minute they can. Their dream was always to have three kids. Kate knew she wanted a third not long after having Charlotte, but this time around they seem very content.” However, the insider gave us a little bit of hope. “Never say never!” they added.

Kate and William — who married in April 2011 — previously welcomed son Prince George, 4, in July 2013, and daughter Princess Charlotte, 3, in May 2015. And even though another little one may eventually join their brood, right now the royal family-of-five is just enjoying every minute with their newest addition.

“William is constantly getting up in the night to check on the baby. He can’t take his eyes off of him,” a source recently gushed to Closer Weekly, adding that Kate is “bonding with the baby and ensuring her children are adjusting to any changes at home.” The insider confessed, “William and Kate have never been happier.”

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Sweetly enough, George and Charlotte feel the same about their newborn baby brother! “They’re both thrilled to have a new brother. They love cuddling him,” the insider noted. Charlotte, specifically, is “treating the baby like a doll, and William and Kate always help her to hold him as she giggles.” And George is smitten as well. “He always wants to hold his hand and stroke his head, and he’s really gentle with him,” the insider said. “You can already tell he’s going to be the protective older brother!”

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward additionally told People that Prince Louis has “completed” their family. “[Kate] is one of three siblings, and it’s a good family size. Boy-girl-boy is pretty cool as well.” Here’s hoping baby No. 4 is on Will and Kate’s radar… someday.

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