11 Times Kate Middleton Seemed so Ready for a Break From Royal Life

Kate Middleton has been living the royal family life for a minute now, and we all know she’s basically the most amazing, beautiful sort-of-princess there ever was. Well, Meghan Markle aside, at least — they’re giving each other some pretty fierce competition. But like Meghan, who’s still, uh, adjusting to what it’s like to be one of the royals and all the rules and regulations that come with it, we have to imagine that Kate occasionally misses life as a commoner. Oh, sure, getting to wear incredible gems and tiaras all the time has to take away some of the sting of living life according to the royal requirements — but you can tell every now and then, the Duchess of Cambridge just needs a break. 

Hey, it’s not like she was exactly built for this, either! Prince William and Prince Harry were both raised under the crown their whole lives and even they aren’t always perfect while performing their royal responsibilities. It makes total sense that a woman who has gone from civilian life to becoming a one-day-future-queen might chafe a little at the adjustment. And though she’s doing great, every now and then, we just want to pull her aside and let her take a minute for herself, take her fascinator off, put up her feet, and relax. Just because she’ll never need a formal job again doesn’t mean she doesn’t have work — and it definitely doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a vacation. Check out the gallery below to see all the times Kate clearly needed a break.