Three years before pictures surfaced of Michael Morris allegedly cheating on his wife, Mary McCormack, with actress Katharine McPhee, Mary’s good friend Howard Stern warned her about her husband.

Life & Style found an interview from March 29, 2010, of Howard’s radio show in which he quizzed the actress about living apart from her director hubby.

“Your husband lives in LA,” the funny guy says to Mary, who starred as his wife, Alison, in 1997’s Private Parts. “I don’t get it. What’s going on?”

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Mary responds, “He visits us [Mary and their two young daughters — they’d go on to welcome a third in 2011] on the weekend. I’m on set all the time anyway — what’s the difference?”

Howard’s partner-in-crime, Robin Quivers, interjects, asking, “You don’t think your husband has girls at home?”

“I do!” Howard quips. “I had this discussion with [my wife] Beth. I love Mary and I said, ‘I worry for Mary’s life with her husband.’”

The blond starlet questions, “Do you really? He’s one of the things I got right, I think.”

But Howard isn’t buying it. “Nope. I would bet this guy’s having an affair. Like Jesse James.”

Mary insists he’s wrong, saying he’s so sweet and “not built like that.”

“I don’t think Jesse James and Michael Morris are really in the same…” she says, before Howard cuts her off, “Well, I do. More than you know. When do you even see him? Once every two weeks?”

She explains, “No, no. Every weekend we see him…It’s not ideal, but what do I do?”

EXCLUSIVE: Katharine McPhee and Husband Split Months Ago

“So you were not shocked when you saw that Sandra Bullock was away shooting Blind Side for two months that Jesse James was having an affair?” Howard asks her.

Her response? “Was I shocked? I feel sorry for her. That’s horrible.”

As Life & Style reported this week, Katharine split from her husband, Nick Cokas, months before revving up a relationship with her former Smash director Michael — who is still currently married to Mary.

Check out the Howard interview below:

By Chantal Waldholz / @blondieewood