Things are going from bad to worse for Katy Perry. After failing to impress as the host of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, the “Firework” singer is now being sued by a stagehand who worked on her Prismatic World Tour in 2014. In court documents obtained by Life & Style, Christina Fish claims she lost three part-time jobs after her right big toe was amputated following a freak accident on the Grammy nominee’s stage.

According to the docs, Christina was asked to move a structural framework wall after Katy’s concert in Raleigh, NC, when her foot got caught underneath. Though she “felt the sensation of her shoe filling with blood,” she was only offered ice and no one called an ambulance.

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She goes on to explain that she was forced to call a friend to drive her to the hospital. Unfortunately, her toe became gangrenous and she was forced to undergo a surgical amputation three months later. Christina states that she suffered “great emotional distress as she watched a piece of her body slowly decay with gangrene. To this day, no prosthetic has proven fully satisfactory, no pair of shoes ever fits her comfortably, and her gait is permanently impaired.”

Along with being let go from her other jobs, Christina “had been very engaged in taking care of her children, and this incident put great strain on her husband, the children and her entire family.” In a statement to Life & Style, her lawyer, Tony Taibi, said, “Much has been written about the failure of the booming concert/live event industry to put in place the kinds of safety standards and practices that are commonplace and taken for granted in most industries, such as commercial construction. With determined and safety-conscious management, most injuries can be avoided.  We should not accept the human cost of this profitable industry’s negligence and lack of accountability; best practices, which create a safer workplace, are available and well-known. Our complaint details the particular facts here at issue.”

Katy, Live Nation, and other stage productions are named in the lawsuit. This news comes on the heels of Katy’s disastrous gig as VMAs host — where she was accused of cultural appropriation, among other things. Following Pink’s show-stopping performance and speech, Katy proceeded to “snatch her wig,” which many viewers deemed insensitive.

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“I am shooketh,” she exclaimed, “I am dead, I am living, I am crying — she’s iconic. Wig, snatched!” Twitter exploded following the segment, with one viewer writing, “Katy Perry just said she was shooketh and snatched her own wig off. I’m convinced white folks can appropriate just about anything.” Another added, “I thought Katy Perry got cultural appropriation now that her friend explained it to her? What’s with the wig snatch comment?”

In the past, she has addressed similar allegations, saying, “I will never understand some of those things because of who I am. But I can educate myself, and that’s what I’m trying to do along the way.” Katy just can’t catch a break…