She’s making a move! Kendall Jenner recently purchased a five-bedroom home in Beverly Hills for a cool $8.55 million, but Life & Style has learned that her big sister Kim Kardashian doesn’t approve — because of the estate’s previous owner, Charlie Sheen.

When Kim first walked into the 21-year-old model’s new house, formerly owned by the legendary wild man, she “got the chills,” a source reveals. “Kim doesn’t like the property because of everything that went on there.” Watch the video below to see inside Kendall’s new home!

The insider continues, “Cops were called to the home on numerous occasions because of all the drama that went on there.” Charlie, 52, spent years partying with prostitutes, smoking huge amounts of crack, and getting so wasted that he became a national joke with his rants and repeated contention that he was “winning” — even as he was booted from his hit show Two and a Half Men.

“Kendall has promised Kim that she’s doing a major overhaul,” the source adds.

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