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Kendall Jenner Explains Her Pizza Nipples on Instagram — Yes, You Read That Right

Kendall Jenner has proven that she isn’t afraid to show her boobs in public, but even the 21-year-old understands that she can’t bare it all on Instagram! Thus, pizza nipples were born.

For those in need of a refresher, the reality star caused a stir on social media in November when she went braless in a sheer bodysuit, covering up the naughty bits with a pair of pizza emojis (thanks Insta censors!)

The pic got over two million likes, and Kendall recently explained how the image (and the outfit) came to be on her website. “My shirt was see-through, so I took this photo and just texted it to Hailey [Baldwin] and Gigi [Hadid] before I left to meet them and was like, ‘Is this too much?’ They wrote back, ‘It’s kind of a lot, but if you’re into it, go for it!'”

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She added, “Later, we were photographed by the paps when we were walking around the city and the internet freaked out about how see-through the look was. As far as the pizza emojis go, when I decided to Instagram the picture, I could’ve covered my nipples with anything, but I chose them as a little nod to Pizza Boys (the DJ/friend group I’m part of).”

As for why she decided to share the pic with her 73.5 million followers, the model revealed, “I don’t know if you can relate, but I just felt like I was having a really good boob day, lol. Do you know what I mean? Your boobs go through phases and on this particular day, I felt like they just looked nice!” You do you, girl.

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Scroll through the gallery below for a look back at some of the brunette beauty’s raciest social media pics (aka the ones that will make her future children blush!)