Ooh, la la! Kendall Jenner took to her Instagram Story to share a *very* up close and personal video of her bikini body. In the sizzling clip, posted on Tuesday, August 27, the model, 23, is standing in front of a mirror rocking a tiny animal print swimsuit. 

It gets steamier, though! Shortly after showing off her entire figure, Kenny proceeds to zoom in (yes, ZOOM IN) on her abs. Needless to say, we stan a queen who is proud of her body. After all, she certainly works hard for it! Of course, the KUWTK star’s dedication to fitness is a recent development. She has always made exercise a top priority in her life — especially ahead of her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“She was 17, so she had about six months until she could legally sign the Victoria’s Secret contract, and she is very naturally lean, she is very tall, obviously beautiful,” Kendall’s former personal trainer, Autumn Calabrese, explained to Life & Style of the reality star’s routine at the time.

Kendall Jenner walking down the runway in 2015 wearing blue lingerie
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“So, for her, it was more about just staying lean and toned. We focused on a lot of toning exercises for her legs, for her hips, for her abdominals, we did everything,” Autumn continued. “We weight trained, but we didn’t go super heavy on the weights — we kept it in higher reps, so it was a little bit lighter weights going for that definition even though girls can’t really bulk up.”

Unsurprisingly, Kendall’s workout didn’t end there. “We did bodyweight exercises a lot. Things like squatting, lunging, glute bridges, so everything is toned and tight — that was the biggest concern,” the 38-year-old fitness guru added. “Keeping everything toned and tight, so when she went in for her fitting and she went in for whatever meetings, she would feel like the best version of herself stepping there, coming in that young.”

Fast forward a few years later, and Kendall is still a toned and tight goddess! 

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