The REELZ Network profiles the political dynasty’s alleged curse on The Kennedy Files set to air Friday, April 10.

“The first person to use the phrase, ‘Kennedy Curse,’ was actually Bobby Kennedy, after the assassination of his brother,” recalled Kennedy historian Edward Klein before he died last year.

As new details emerge in this week’s Kennedy-family deaths, The Kennedy Files recounts a history of unusual accidents and untimely deaths and asks why so many tragedies continue to afflict the Kennedys.

Jackie Kennedy was Very Concerned about the Kennedy Curse

On the plane crash that killed John Kennedy, Jr. in 1999 Kennedy biographer, Laurence Leamer offers that “Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, Joe Kennedy Jr. did brave things… The next generation… were doing stupid reckless things.”

The all-night special broadcast also points to John F. Kennedy’s reckless behavior as a womanizer.

“For Jackie Kennedy, there had been women coming in and out of Jack Kennedy’s life for years,” offers series expert Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. from her L.A. office. “Their marriage was a political arrangement which didn’t stop him from sleeping with other women,” historian Klein adds.

Is the Kennedy family cursed or is reckless behavior and political drama shaping the popular belief? Tune in to The Kennedy Files, all night, Friday, April 10, on REELZ for all the details!

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