When it comes to celebrity fashion icons, Lady Gaga doesn’t just top the list — she is the list! That said, the “Shallow” singer, 33, has had quite the style evolution since breaking onto the scene in 2008.

“I think as she’s grown and matured and really come into her own and you can see — I mean, she talks about how much more confident she’s become as a person — and I think you see that in the way that she’s styling herself as well,” Gaga’s longtime pal and creative designer Kerin Rose Gold explained to Life & Style while teaming up with Petco and BuzzFeed for their “Wild & Waggy” NYC pop-up to help dog owners craft cool doggie collars.

Lady Gaga in a white dress at Z100's Jingle Ball in 2008

“I love that she’s always down to take a risk and doesn’t care about current trends but at the same time, has done a really incredible job at going really elegant and really timeless,” Kerin, who has also worked with Katy Perry, Rihanna and J. Lo, continued.

She’s done an amazing job at sort of both taking risks and taking a lot of underground fashion and underground creative art and presenting it on a world stage, and she also does an incredible job at being this timeless, glamorous, beautiful womanI think a lot of women have those dualities in us but we feel like we have to show one or the other and I feel she does both.”

Lady Gaga wearing a black Alexander McQueen gown at the 91st Academy Awards
David Fisher/Shutterstock

When it comes to styling Gaga, Kerin said that she doesn’t find it challenging at all. “One of the things my studio prides itself on is we’re like a steamboat,” the A-Morir founder expressed.

“We’re small but we’re able to adapt and turn very quickly, and so we’ve all woken up in the morning and been like, ‘I don’t know what to wear,’ or ‘I thought I was going to wear this, but now I’m gonna wear this.’ And it happens when you’re a celebrity too — so, we’re very good at understanding those realities and adapting to them. If anything, it’s exciting, not a challenge,” Kerin concluded. 

Reporting by Diana Cooper. 

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