Uh oh! Bachelor in Paradise won't air for another month, but there's already drama! Winter Games fan fave and Canadian heartthrob Kevin Wendt opened up about the upcoming season of BIP on July 9, and he shocked fans by revealing that he "can't stand" one of his co-stars… who just so happens to be from Becca Kufrin's currently-airing season of Bachelorette!

"I kinda love all the guys this year," said Kevin during Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off The Vine podcast while talking about watching Becca's season. "First of all, there's one guy on there — and I'm going to text you after it happens and say 'this is the a–hole I was telling you about' — but there's one guy that I can't stand." When Kaitlyn asked him if he meant someone he met in Paradise, he said "Yeah that's how I know him, but you will like him right now."

Oh damn! So that means it's either someone that's still on Becca's season, because they all seem pretty nice, or someone who went home that we liked. It's also unclear if the person will become a bad guy in the final episodes of Bachelorette, or if he will still seem nice until something goes awry on Bachelor in Paradise. Either way, we're desperate to know! Fan guesses have included fan favorite Wills, Connor, Leo, and maybe Colton if he doesn't end up winning, but we'll just have to wait and see.

But it wasn't all bad! "Then there's one friend I definitely made whose still on Becca's season now and he's like a good friend," continued Kev. Plus, Kevin revealed his most embarassing moment from the show. "We're in the pool, I'm hanging out with a girl, and all of a sudden someone comes in with a date card, a new person, so obviously everyone's gotta get out of the pool…" "You got a boner?!" screeched Kaitlyn, which is exactly what happened.

"The girl's like 'let's go,' and I'm like 'I cant yet,' and shes like 'why,' and I'm like 'I'm just very happy.' She laughed, she jumped out of the pool, and everyone else got out of the pool and I stood in the pool by myself during the date card." Too funny! We can already tell this season is about to be a doozy.

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