When it comes to baby names, the Kardashians reign supreme (no pun intended). In the past few months alone, we’ve been blessed with news of unique monikers like "True Thompson," "Chicago West," and "Stormi Webster." But, as it turns out, it’s one KarJenner name in particular that has grabbed our attention as of late and that's Khloé Kardashian's. Specifically, what the name "Khloé" actually means.

Now that the 34-year-old has finally joined the mommy club with the birth of True, fans can’t help but wonder if Khloé plans on having another bundle of joy. Well, if her name has anything to do with it, she's seemingly going to have plenty of children.

According to Baby Name Wizard, the name "Khloe/Chloe" is derived from the Greek word "Khloē," which means blooming or verdant. In addition, "Khloē" was often used to describe Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and, wait for it — fertility!

OK, so we don’t really care about the agriculture part. If Khloé wants to yield her name power to grow a garden, that’s her prerogative, but the fertility part? That’s exciting. Her name ~literally~ means the ability to conceive children. By those standards, who knows? Maybe she’ll outrank Kris Jenner for the most kids. Of course, this is mere speculation, but seeing as True is the cutest ever, we'd love some more Khloé babies — Tristan Thompson as the father is optional, TBH.

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Oh, and if you’re wondering if Kylie Jenner’s name offers any hints about the potential for Baby No. 2, we’re sad to say that it doesn’t. Per Baby Name Wizard, "Kylie" means beautiful and while that doesn’t tell us much, she definitely lives up to the name! Here’s hoping Khloé does, too.

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