What’s going on here, Koko?! Khloé Kardashian shared a 29-week pregnancy update photo on Feb. 6, and while we love seeing the 33-year-old’s growing baby bump, fans couldn’t take their eyes off of her dramatically different face! See the plumped-up pout and fans’ reactions in the video below!

There’s no denying that Khloé looked extra-snatched in the photo. Of course, the Kardashians have been open about their love for lip injections, but we can’t say for sure that Khloé has added any juice to her kisser recently. Makeup magician Hrush Achemyan was credited for the look, so we’re willing to bet that a lot of it was cosmetics and lighting. For example, her nose looked thinner but it’s clearly contoured and then highlighted on the tip. Plus her lips looked overlined and super glossy.

As much as some people wanted to hate on Khlo for the dramatic look, others, as always, came to her defense. “I wanna look this beautiful pregnant but we know that will never happen,” wrote one fan. Another agreed she looked amazing, writing, “I’m telling you!! Easily the baddest. She out here looking fine as hell even tho she pregnant af.” Amen to that!

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Of course, there’s always the concern that if Khloé did have a little work done, it could be bad for the baby. “God I hope she’s not plumping her lips while pregnant,” said an Instagrammer. “I know she knows better than that.” While there is no evidence of lip injections being harmful to an unborn baby, doctors do advise patients to skip the fillers just out of caution, so if Khloé does have any plumpin agents in her face, they’re probably from before the baby. You do you, girl!