Certain foods like kumquats can be dangerous for young kids to swallow, but it looks like True Thompson has it all under control. Her mama, Khloé Kardashian, took to Instagram to share a video of her 14-month-old grabbing a kumquat from a branch and stuffing it into her mouth, which has unfortunately alarmed many fans.

One fan commented, “Cute, but it’s not good to let her pop things into her mouth. Kids can choke on the smallest things. Besides, it had not been washed.” A second person wrote, “Oh no, rinse it first. While a third person said, “Please be careful! Huge choking hazard!” Thankfully, Koko was there to supervise her in case anything did go wrong. Watch the video above to see True eating the citrus fruit, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more celebrity news.