When it comes to Halloween, every costume has a “sexy” version. Now, Kim Kardashian‘s 2021 Met Gala outfit, which featured her covered head to toe in black fabric, is available for the holiday, but in a version that shows off a little more skin than the entrepreneur’s stark Balenciaga look.

The company Yandy is marketing a “Mystery Gala Guest Costume” for Halloween 2021, and it’s definitely a nod to Kim’s Met Gala ensemble. “Glimmering gowns had their fashion moment, and we’re here for it, but look who paved the way for statement-making avant-garde!” the description begins.

“Heart eyes for dress code perfection with all black everything from this concealed, Calabasas queen,” it continued, giving a tip to the Southern California enclave made famous by the Kardashian clan.

“Dark, dramatic and ever so obscure, flaunt your couture-kissed curves like an A-list celeb in this exclusive Mystery Gala Guest costume featuring a semi-sheer black tube dress, a sheer mesh cape, a breathable black facial hood, opaque tights and long satin gloves,” it added, concluding with the pun, “Dare we say, you’ll re-kim-dle your red carpet fame.”

Kim Kardashian's All-Black Met Gala Look Now a Sexy Halloween Costume With Bondage Head Mask
Shutterstock; Yandy

The $99.99 costume features a black, bondage-style facial hood that gives way to an open upper chest, in case the wearer wants to show a little cleavage. Even the model wearing the look has Kim’s frame, as the wearer has the reality star’s famous large derriere in Yandy’s various photo angles of the costume.

Unlike the heavy, long capelet with a train that Kim wore, this look features a sheer version so that the figure-hugging minidress is visible. It also has sheer upper arm sleeves that give way to black opera gloves.

Kim usually is one of the most provocatively dressed stars at the annual Met Gala, showing off curve hugging and cleavage baring looks over the years. But she did a 180 in 2021, arriving to the September 13 event shrouded in black so much that no bare skin was visible. Not only was her famous figure hidden, so was her gorgeous face inside the head covering. That head hood part of the aesthetic is something that her estranged husband, Kanye West, had been sporting the month prior during the release of his new album, Donda.

The theme of the 2021 gala was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” and the only thing Kim herself had to say about the ensemble was when she posted a photo of her look to Instagram and wrote, “What’s more American than a T-shirt head to toe?!”