Grab your popcorn, because there’s some amazing drama going down in the DMs! Well, comments, really. For some reason, Lindsay Lohan thought it would be a good idea to mock Kim Kardashian’s (already controversial) “Bo Derek braids,” and Kim responding with a scathing diss of her own!

Perez Hilton accidentally sparked the drama when he posted a photo of Kim wearing the beaded blonde braids with the caption “Kim K’s new look. Thoughts?” Lindsay hopped into the comments section to simply write “I am confused.” She doesn’t elaborate on her confusion. It could be that she didn’t think the look suits Kim, or that she takes issue with the cultural appropriation of cornrows, but Kim didn’t care. As soon as she caught wind of the shade, she had her own insults ready to hurl.

“@LindsayLohan you know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent,” Kim wrote. Ouch! Lindsay caught some flack in 2016 for suddenly taking on a weird Arabic/British accent after moving abroad, and clearly Kim hasn’t forgotten!

Believe it or not, Kim and LiLo were once pals, when Kim was just starting to blow up and Lindsay was just beginning a downward spiral that she still hasn’t quite crawled out of. The pair posed together at Genetic Denim’s One-Year Anniversary in 2006, and were spotted dancing together at Sony’s Playstation 3 launch the same year. Basically ancient history, by today’s standards.

But really Kim, do you need to humor Lindsay’s shade? You just had your third child with the love of your life, you’re an amazing entrepreneur with her own clothes, perfumes, emoji and makeup lines, you’re probably the most successful reality star ever, and you just posted several basically-naked photos looking hotter than most people could ever hope to look on Instagram. So how about you just let Lindsay have this one, okay?