There’s nothing like a mother’s love! Kim Kardashian loves being a mom, and she recently reflected on motherhood and how it changed her life completely. On Friday, Aug. 11, the mom-of-two penned a super sweet tribute to her one-year-old son Saint West and four-year-old daughter North West in honor of National Son’s and Daughter’s Day and said that they helped teach her about love, patience, and selflessness.

“It’s not about me anymore,” she wrote in her blog post, explaining how her priorities have changed. “After North was born, I wanted to be there and make memories together that we would share forever.”

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Kim welcomed her first child with husband Kanye West in 2013, but she developed a condition called early-onset preeclampsia and was forced to deliver her daughter six weeks early. After her delivery, Kim had what doctors call placenta accreta, where the placenta stays attached to the uterine wall. Her doctor had to physically scrape the placenta out of her with his hands.

Since her first pregnancy had so many complications, she was warned that her second pregnancy would be high-risk, but she braved the odds in order to welcome her little boy and it seems like she’s extremely happy with her decision.

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“I have such unconditional love for my kids. No matter what, I will always love them and support them in anything they choose to do in life,” she continued. “There can be ups and downs with kids, but no matter what, I always learn so much from them. Being a mom is the most important job I have.”

Kim loves being a mom so much that it seems like she’s ready to do it again. Sources revealed to Us Weekly that Kim and her hubby want to expand their family, but this time they’ve hired a surrogate so that Kim would not have to risk her health in another high-risk pregnancy. As of last month, the surrogate was three months pregnant with Kim and Kanye’s third child.

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