"She's Super Sweet"Kim Kardashian Says North West is Excited to Meet Her Baby Brother!

In one month, North West is going to be a big sister, and Kim Kardashian says the two-year-old is definitely “sensing” that the birth of her sibling is fast approaching!

“We talk about baby brother all the time,” the pregnant 35-year-old shares. “She’s so sweet and yesterday she said, ‘Mommy, can I give baby brother a kiss on your tummy?’ and she kissed my stomach.”

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But, it appears that the tot is also having trouble sharing her mom’s attention. “She has a hard time when I hold other babies, but she’s been getting a little bit better and I’m hoping that with her brother it’s a whole new experience,” Kim tells E! News.

“She always wants me to pick her up and be with her and it’s really hard to do a lot of the lifting and stuff like that, so that last month is not fun.”

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But, according to Instagram, it looks like North is getting in some big sister practice before the due date! Kanye West‘s cousin, Ricky Anderson, just welcomed a son of his own, and posted a photo of North helping feed the infant.

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“#Cousinlove,” Ricky captioned the unbelievably adorable pic.

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