Can you say awkward? Now that little North West is well, not so little anymore, she’s starting to realize that her mama, Kim Kardashian, isn’t exactly like other mommies. For starters, she looks like a human Barbie doll. Secondly, Kim is legit the most famous woman in the world. Naturally, Northie got curious about the origins of her mother’s fame and decided to address it head-on. 

During a radio interview with Big Boy on 92.3, the KKW Beauty mogul got candid about her learning moment with North. It all started when the five-year-old said: “Mom, why are you famous?” Of course, Kim had to carefully finesse the situation. 

You can’t very well tell an almost-Kindergartener that your claim to fame is a sex tape with a B-list rapper, right? Right! “Oh, OK, I’m gonna have to explain this,” the mother-of-three began. “We have a TV show,” Kim replied once with uncertainty and then again more firmly. You can check out the clip below. 

To be fair, while Kim’s catapult into the limelight may have been less than savory to some, she has continued to prove that she’s so much more than just a sex tape star. She’s also a mom, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a cultural icon, and yes, a reality star. 

Perhaps when North is a little older, Kim will explain everything in finite detail — OK, maybe not finite detail — and her daughter will then be able to understand the full scope of celebrity that is Kim Kardashian. In the meantime, shielding North from a reality that is often mocked, slut-shamed, and degraded, well, that’s totally understandable. 

Keep being the best mama for your kids, Kim. At the end of the day, you’re giving them a life most people can only dream of!

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