Everyone knows Kim Kardashian is a fountain of wisdom (hello, she’s studying to be a lawyer right now) — but you probably didn’t know she was dishing out advice to even the youngest celebs. JoJo Siwa spoke about her relationship with the 38-year-old, her daughter North West and Kim’s solidarity when it comes to bullying.

“She’s given me some very good words of advice,” the 15-year-old said about the Kardashian mama in an interview with Today. “She was like, ‘You know, if you ever need advice with bullying, with hate, I’ve been there, I’ve done it, let me know. Just be you, you’re awesome.’ Just really, really, really nice words.”

north west and penelope disick with jojo siwa
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JoJo also explained how she first connected with the makeup mogul — which came after Kim tweeted about North’s “obsession” with her. After she saw the tweet, the young dancer then hooked the tiny tot up with some of her merch, which Kim posted to her Instagram Story in excitement.

After, she shot Kim a message, figuring she would try to start a connection with the mama and her daughter. “And I have a motto, and it says, ‘You got one try, go for it, you gotta just for it,'” JoJo revealed. “So I went for it and I responded to her message.”

Naturally, Kim saw the message, and it fueled a new friendship between the sunglasses designer, her daughter and the dancer. From there, JoJo did a YouTube video with Northie where she “babysat” the 5-year-old and the duo got up to all kinds of fun together. Plus, she gifted the little fan tickets to see her on tour and told her she could bring any of her friends. How sweet.

After the vid, North and her cousin Penelope Disick got invited to the blonde’s 16th birthday party! You know the outfits were colorful and the bows were huge — everything was in total JoJo fashion.

We’re glad this friendship is going super strong!