We all know Kim Kardashian loves to interact with her followers on Twitter — but recently, she reached new heights with a man who claims to be her No. 1 fan! User @JCRUZ106, who's a DJ at Power 106 in LA, took to Twitter to say he would get a colonic if the mother-of-three didn’t follow him back.

“RETWEET today is the last day I have to get @KimKardashian to follow me back, otherwise this weekend I have to get a colonic,” he wrote, accompanied by a pic of a poop emoji and a crying KIMOJI. “#KimKardashian PLEASE FOLLOW ME.” The reality star noticed the message, but was conflicted over how to respond. “Ok wait I feel bad,” she replied, retweeting the original post. “You guys should I follow him or let him get a colonic? Aren’t they good for you? Maybe he should get one!”

Unfortunately, Kim was a little too late. JCRUZ106 revealed he already got the procedure. “First, congratulations,” he said, referring to the birth of her third child. “I already got it, I feel great. A follow would be ???? #Bible.” Apart from the Twitter campaign, J Cruz also held a rally (yes, really) in the hopes of getting Kim's attention.

“Am I too late???? Did you get it already?” Kim wrote after all the hoopla. “Never too late for a follow back,” he responded. "I did get the colonic, man of my word." The story does have a happy ending, though, because the 37-year-old eventually followed J Cruz, and it has the entire Twitter-verse shook! But, we've gotta ask, was it worth the colonic?!