Earlier this week, Brielle Biermann surprised fans by showing off one of her birthday presents: a gun. The now 21-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak flaunted her rose gold-colored weapon on Snapchat.

“Look Kash gave me his present!” Brielle said on Monday, Feb. 26, to her 5-year-old brother. “Should I open it? You can open it. Open it. What’d you get me? That’s literally the first thing he did.”

“What is it?” Kash asked his sister. “Oh, I know what it is! It’s a gun.” Brielle replied, “It’s a gun? You bought me a gun?” Her brother clarified, “No, he did! Right there!” he explained, pointing to father Kroy Biermann, who adopted Brielle after he married Kim in 2011.

brielle bermann gun snapchat

The reality star’s present shouldn’t come as a complete surprise to fans since her parents gifted their school-aged children bulletproof backpacks after the Florida school shooting. The mom to six kids — Brielle, 20, Ariana, 16, KJ, 6, Kash, 5, and twins Kaia and Kane, 4 — posted a photo of the backpack on Instagram.

“I just asked Kroy what can we do as parents to protect our children everyday in this crazy sad world,” she shared on Instagram. “He said, “best thing we could do for now is get bullet proof book bags” you know I just did! It’s better than not having anything at all. Just thought I would share with you guys. I just found this first on Amazon so I bought it. It’s certified.”

Since Brielle is about to move out, it’s understandable that her parents would be concerned about her safety. “You’re moving out so it’s time you figured it out,” Kim can be overheard saying in a video obtained by TMZ. “It’s not loaded, it’s a very special one for you.”