The holidays are in full swing and the Kardashians are officially in the Christmas spirit. However, when it comes to decorations, no one can top Kris Jenner. Her daughter Kim Kardashian gave fans an inside look at her house — complete with four Christmas trees.

“So my favorite thing to do is drive around the town and show my kids all the Christmas tree lighting,” Kim says in the Snapchat video. “They haven’t seen my mom’s house decorated yet. She did a rainbow theme.” Watch the video below for a tour of Kris’ winter wonderland:

Along with a driveway lined with life-sized nutcracker figures, Kris’ home is full of over-the-top Christmas decorations, including white reindeer and thousands of lights. “Are those real reindeer?” Kim asks daughter North in the video, who is not completely fooled by the life-like decor. “No, they’re not,” she responds. There is also a huge red crystal snow bear in the famous black-and-white tiled foyer that is surrounded by four huge Christmas trees. “So my mom did it differently this year,” Kim adds. “She usually has a huge tree but now she’s just doing four smaller trees, all in rainbow. Really classic and pretty.”

Earlier, Kris, 62, and Kim, 37, were in a competition when it came to Christmas decorations — and Kim wanted to make sure her mom didn’t copy her aesthetic. The reality stars went shopping and Kim was clearly still upset about her family having the same holiday props as her last year. “I have warned everyone that I will come for them if they even dare try to copy anything that I’m doing this holiday season,” Kim said. “I want like a real bark tree, but I won’t tell all my ideas out loud. My mom is somewhere lurking.”

She continued, “Well, why don’t we not talk about our vibes. That way no one can, like, steal a vibe.” Clearly, Kris’ home won this year.